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Business Brokerage:  During his professional career, Mike Lohbeck has worked with hundreds  of small to mid-sized, family owned and operated businesses in the Midwest.   Known for his tireless dedication to those he works with, Mike’s interests include strategic initiatives, business planning, sales and revenue generation, business development, staffing and personnel development, succession planning, and the business-for-sale marketplace.

Starting with his first real work experience, working for a small family owned chain of meat stores at age 16, graduating to a larger family owned chain of grocery stores, then on to working closely with hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses, while employed in sales, middle management and upper management positions, with one of the premier full service wholesale distributors in the Midwest region.

Mike’s years of professional experience, combined with his formal education in Marketing and Finance at the University of Cincinnati (located in Cincinnati, Ohio) have given him invaluable understanding of what it takes to plan, develop and run a profitable business.   Mike’s experience has enabled him to work through various economic cycles that have occurred over the past three decades.   Because Mike has a long history of working with family owned businesses, he also has extensive knowledge of succession planning and preparing exit strategies.  Refer to the Our Services page for more information on succession planning, and why it is important to formally evaluate your business annually.

Whether referring to personal growth, or business growth, Mike adheres to the “Grow or Die” theory.   It is with this philosophy in mind that Mike and MGL Business Solutions strives to Make Your Dreams a Reality.

Business Brokerage – Buy a Business or Sell a Business

The Business Brokerage side of MGL Business Solutions focuses on bringing Buyers and Sellers together toward mutually agreeable transition of businesses in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.  If you wish to sell your business, MGL Business Solutions can help you determine the value of your business with a business valuation before you take it to the business-for-sale market.   If you are interested in buying a business, MGL Business Solutions can help you find the business for sale that will provide you with the return on investment you require.   Mike has a passion for successful transition, so he continually strives to help clients realize their dreams.

MGL Business Solutions – Cincinnati, Ohio 45248

Email: Mike@MGLBusinesssolutions.com

Cell: 513-200-0247

Proud resident of Cincinnati, Ohio for more than 50 years!

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