Acquisitions Brokerage Consulting Succession Planning Services Solutions

Acquisitions Brokerage Consulting Succession Planning Services Solutions

Selling a Business

Selling businesses is our business. We offer complete confidential advisory and business brokerage services in the Cincinnati market. If you are thinking of selling your business, why not give us a call? There is no charge for a confidential consultation. For additional information, visit the Selling Your Business section here on our website. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about selling a business. Contact us today at 513-200-0247.

Buying a Business

For anyone considering the purchase of a business for sale in the Cincinnati market, we offer no charge consultations and an excellent inventory of businesses for sale (including franchise opportunities), complete with all of the information a serious buyer would want to review. Visit the Buying a Business section of our website for more important information on buying a business.

Business Valuation Services

Even if you are not ready to sell your Cincinnati area business, a Business Valuation every two or three years can help you grow your business. How? A Business Valuation is an important value measurement tool. If the value of your business has not increased from time to time, what are you expecting when you sell your business? We can show you how to use your business as a retirement account, and put some cash into your pocket.

There are other reasons why a business owner might require a valuation. Marital problems, partnership issues, estate planning, and exit strategies are just a few.  Studies show that the sooner you begin the process of preparing to sell your business, the higher the value your business will be when the time comes to sell your business.

Business Value Enhancement

You may not be ready to sell your business today, but there are things you can do NOW that will increase the value of the business when you are ready to sell. We can help you plan ahead so you can reap your rewards!

Business Development Services

Tired of feeling like your Cincinnati area business is going nowhere quick?  This is not a new phenomenon.  Many small businesses find themselves in this state of mind.  Lack of progress can bring a company to a halt.  Or worse yet, send it on course for failure.  We understand this dynamic, and specialize in energizing your business to get back on track, toward future growth.   We offer services in all aspects of Business Development and Succession Planning, including:

* Business Brokerage Services (Buy a Business or Sell a Business)

* Strategic initiatives, business planning & sales strategy development.

* Developing Action Plans, Budget forecasting and implementation.

* Sales management

* Inventory management and forecasting

* Staffing and personnel development

* Succession planning

Mergers & Acquisitions

Should you acquire another business with synergistic value? Maybe that business should acquire your business?  What about a merger?  Need to find a company with which to merge? We can locate companies for your consideration.

A successful transaction may take more than your general accounting firm can provide. Having a Mergers & Acquisitions Expert on your team who can answer your questions can ensure that you receive equitable treatment in any transaction.

Preparing a Business for Sale

The decision to sell your Cincinnati area business is a serious step. We can’t make that decision for you, but we can provide the information you need to make an informed decision. We can tell you about current market conditions, pricing and structuring the business so it will sell. Some day you will sell your business. How, when, and under what circumstances should be up to you. Not lawyers, lenders or Uncle Sam. By choosing the right time to sell your business, you control your own fate. By working with Our Firm you have the comfort of knowing we are looking out for your best interest.

Business Financing

We have contacts with multiple lenders who can arrange financing for Business Acquisitions, Leasing and Financing Equipment, Establishing Credit Lines, SBA Loans and more.

Business Succession Planning

How are you going to exit your business?  Whether you have family members, or non-family members involved in the business, there are excellent methods available to pass the business on to the existing staff and/or next generation. We can assist you in making the best choices for your particular situation.

Magic Wand

We do not have a “Magic Wand” that can fix your problems instantly.  We do however have experiences and insight that help us get to the root of your problems, and help set the stage toward a brighter future.  We care about the health and well being of your business, and that’s what separates MGL Business Solutions from the rest.   We want to “Make your Dreams a Reality”!

Contact Mike Lohbeck, CBI today at:  513-200-0247

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Acquisitions Brokerage Consulting Succession Planning Services Solutions

Making Your Dreams A Reality!

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